My General View On Politics

With this being my first topical blog post, I think the right place to start is politics as I know I will continue the trend of showing some very strong views on certain political subjects throughout my future blog posts. Quite simply, I think the main political aim of the world should be inclusive of all cultures, races and types of people, Diversity is crucial and it helps bring the world further away from the disgusting and fascist ideas of a so-called ‘master race’. But before I explain my own stance on the political spectrum, I’d like to explore the different areas of politics.

Why is Communism a bad word?

The true ideas of Communism aren’t that bad, no social classes and a world where everyone is equal, now that sounds brilliant. Unfortunately, the biggest historical attempts at Communism haven’t really been Communism and they’ve defaced the word. True Communism is kind of a utopian dream though, and it’s failed attempts are the result of the incureable disease of human greed.

Is Capitalism better?

While Capitalism removes the fear of an authoritarian, freedom-suppressing government, it’s got a lot of flaws. In the modern Capitalist world I think it’s obvious that not everyone has equal opportunities, and the system creates excess materialism that is damaging to the environment. It also creates a world where you have extreme poverty at one end and extreme wealth at the other. This failure to properly distribute wealth, power, and over all quality of life is the main problem in the modern world and it’s the result of a capitalist system that doesn’t just allow, but embraces greed.

My views on a middle ground?

I believe in a form of democratic socialism that adopts environmentalism and progressivism, I believe this is a middle ground. I strongly believe in environmentalism and finding ways to prevent climate change and support the environment and I believe this connects to my view on progressivism as we have modern technologies allowing us to develop innovative solutions to the problems facing our world. In future blog posts I will continue to explore the many different areas of politics and talk more about my opinions on certain topics.

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